From the monthly archives: "June 2005"

Thunder Seven Review:

Triumphant and energetic, with very little dross in their brand of metal! Thunder Seven presents the high tide mark for Triumph, and it”s the album that should have broken them into American primetime.

Where producers used The Sport of Kings to make-over the band, (with detrimental results) Thunder Seven presents the last great collaboration between Rik Emmett and Gil Moore. Gil”s anthems and Rik”s social commentary were never better before or after! Mike”s bass was never punchier! One can only blame MCA Records for dropping the ball, because Triumph certainly did not — in the studio or on the road.

Whereas I am selective about listening to my Triumph collection, everything works on Thunder Seven , except for maybe “Cool Down,” which sounds a tad like the band”s Led Zeppelin roots coming back to haunt them. Apart from that glitch, Thunder Seven showed us that Van Halen had some extreme competition from the Great White North! I especially loved the second side! It took almost 20 years for the album to achieve Gold status, but that just shows how loyal Triumph fans have remained to this masterwork.

Date Reviewed: 08/25/05
Reviewer: Jan Thielking
Location: Frankfurt, Germany