From the monthly archives: "July 2005"

Edge of Excess Review:

This album is a far cry from what has been offered before…and I mean that in a good way. Even though Rik does not appear on this effort, it is more solid and more in the direction of hard rock than has been established by them in the past. From the title track to “Troublemaker” and “Riding High Again” among others, this album is one of the best efforts they have released.

I only hope they will re-issue this one along with the others as it deserves to be part of a great catolauge as well. Hopefully, another effort like this will be in the works sometime in the future.

Date Reviewed: 07/21/05
Reviewer: Michael
Location: Calgary, AB

The Gallery will be composed of photos taken straight out of the band’s private collection, including pics that have never before been released to the public. Currently, the Gallery is hosting photos taken as publicity shots for Allied Forces . Over the next few months, we plan on adding a steady stream of photos to the Gallery so be sure to visit it frequently.

Also, we are hoping to start up a Fan Photo Gallery so please send us any photos that you have taken of Triumph.

Classics Review:

This was the very first Triumph album I bought (on cassette) as I knew that I couldn’t lose with the selection of songs on the album. In time, I began to pick up other albums and began to discover what a jewel this group is. When I first heard of the band, I think they were generally described as hard rock or maybe even heavy metal; no label truly does Triumph justice as they can perform almost any kind of song with skill and enthusiasm.

My favorites are “Magic Power”, “Somebody’s Out There”, “Follow Your Heart” and there are many others that I enjoy.

Date Reviewed: 07/19/05
Reviewer: Patrick Longworth
Location: Surrey, BC

In the Beginning Review:

This is where it all started for Triumph. I still think this is a great sounding album and one hell of a rocker. Actually, I think this has been the most played Triumph CD I own. I wore out the vinyl of this years ago. As I am sure you know, the CD cover is different than the original album, but the music still kicks ass.

One of the “lost” highlights for me has always been “Don’t Take My Life”! As a matter of fact, Triumph used to throw the middle section of this song into the middle of “Lay It On The Line” when they played live. Everything is great about this album, the music, the production and the songwriting.

Lots of people thought there was too much Led Zeppelin influence, but for a first album I think they had already established a “Triumph” sound. I love it, you will too — BUY IT NOW and rediscover how cool Triumph really is.

Date Reviewed: 07/14/05
Reviewer: Keith Entringer
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Get ready to turn up the volume on your stereo system because the remastered version of Triumph’s debut album is now available! Containing all the original tracks, just cleaned up and intensified for your audio enjoyment, this album is a must-have for any true Triumph fan. The album’s release is part of the band’s Millennium Remastered Series, a project being personally supervised by Mike Levine that will see much of Triumph’s catalogue being remastered at the band’s legendary Metalworks Studio.