From the monthly archives: "September 2005"

Allied Forces Review:

This Triumph album opened the door for Triumph. When MTV came out in 9/23/81, they were played like every hour or so. With such hits as Magic Power, Fight the Good Fight and Allied Forces, this album is what made Triumph go from gold to platinum status. That was their best album to date. I met Rik back in 2002 and I feel that it might a good thing that the fans get together and help them get back to the rock & roll machine.

Date Reviewed: 09/29/05
Reviewer: E.J. Jahnes
Location: Ocala, FL

Rock and Roll Machine Review:

I first heard this album in my Spanish class in high school. My Spanish teacher had a record player in his room, with a bunch of classic rock albums. I fell in love with Triumph at that point. I would listen to it everyday, before class started. He even made me a cassette copy. I had looked at every record store in the area where I lived at the time, but to no avail. Now that I have moved, I finally found the album, and my CD player may never have that CD out of it again. This album is up there with greats like Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction and AC/DC’s Back In Black.

Date Reviewed: 09/22/05
Reviewer: Will Burnham
Location: Tempe, AZ

Just A Game Review:

This was the first Triumph album I bought. I was about 14 years old at the time and the album had just been released.From the moment I placed the album on the turntable with the great opener “Movin’ On” through to “Suitcase Blues,” the album is a real killer! The two tracks that really stand out on this album in my opinion are the title track “Just A Game” and “Hold On”.

Date Reviewed: 09/22/05
Reviewer: Jon Tavares
Location: Portugal

Thunder Seven Review:

Ah, the memories. My first Triumph album. “Follow Your Heart” was the bait that hooked me onto Triumph. Although there’s alot of great riffs and lyrics, by far it’s “Killing Time” that is the masterpiece on the album – the only Triumph song to ever feature an interplay of vocals between Rik and Gil.

Date Reviewed: 09/22/05
Reviewer: Roberto
Location: Montreal, QC

Every band has to start somewhere and for Triumph, that somewhere was Ontario’s Simcoe High School where, on Sept. 19, 1975, the trio played their first gig. For their hard work they received $750 and likely some new fans. To celebrate this important date in the band’s history, check out the latest additions to the Photo Gallery and listen to your favourite Triumph songs.