In the Beginning Review:

This is where it all started for Triumph. I still think this is a great sounding album and one hell of a rocker. Actually, I think this has been the most played Triumph CD I own. I wore out the vinyl of this years ago. As I am sure you know, the CD cover is different than the original album, but the music still kicks ass.

One of the “lost” highlights for me has always been “Don’t Take My Life”! As a matter of fact, Triumph used to throw the middle section of this song into the middle of “Lay It On The Line” when they played live. Everything is great about this album, the music, the production and the songwriting.

Lots of people thought there was too much Led Zeppelin influence, but for a first album I think they had already established a “Triumph” sound. I love it, you will too — BUY IT NOW and rediscover how cool Triumph really is.

Date Reviewed: 07/14/05
Reviewer: Keith Entringer
Location: Phoenix, AZ

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