Surveillance Review:

This was the last of the albums to be released by the ”classic” Triumph line-up of Gil Moore, Mike Levine and Rik Emmett. After their flirtation with pop, with 1986’s  The Sport of Kings , Triumph come back with guitar-driven rock on this disc. Punch, melodies and hooks dominate the tracks.

What is missing though is the cohesiveness between the players. Earlier albums, including the aformentioned Kings , included a more organic lush production. Background vocals used to be easily discernable as members of the band. On Surveillance, many people contribute to the supporting vocals leading to a more muddled sound.

While the guitars are placed back at the forefront, the album suffers from an uneven production quality. Some highlites on the album are: ”Never Say Never”, ”Carry on the Flame” and ”On and On.” Due to this being Rik”s last with the band, this disc is somewhat sentimental to most fans.

Date Reviewed: 06/27/05
Reviewer: Jim Smith
Location: Midland, MI

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