Sport Of Kings Review:

I remember when I came across this album back in ’86 and I was 15 and I had no idea who Triumph even was but a good friend of mine lent this album to me. Well let me tell you, I never have been able to put it down since; I still have it and still listen to it and from beginning to end. I never skip one song on this album. I think it was aged well too, still stands up well today, actually I would be thrilled if someone tried to release something like this today, it would be very refreshing to hear something like this instead of all that crap I have been hearing for the last 15 years. Excellent guitar licks through out, I especially like them on “Take a Stand.” Very good singing, everything is crisp and sounds great, a very clean sound. I never really knew what happened to Triumph after this but man this one did a lot for me. I must have worn out four cassettes before I got the CD and every time I ever played this album for anyone they always had the same response, “Who is this?” and they would also be as very impressed with the music as I was.

Date Reviewed: 04/19/06
Reviewer: Scott H
Location: Blakely, PA

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