Rock’N’Roll Machine

1: Takes Time 2: Bringing It On Home 3: Rocky Mountain Way 4: Street Fighter 5: Street Fighter (Reprise) 6: 24 Hours A Day 7: Blinding Light Show/Moonchild 8: Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine

This is the US compilation released in ’78 that took songs from their debut, and the Canadian release of Rock’N’Roll Machine. Sadly on this compilation Rik’s instrumentals don’t show up here. The reason I liked Triumph originally was because they did a kick ass version of “Rocky Mountain Way” and for years this was the definitive version for me. Oddly enough it’s only recently I’ve actually picked up a lot of their older albums.

Triumph were a straight on rock and roll band, and although a lot of this hasn’t aged as well as some of the 70’s classic rock. It was the age of the pretentious rock song after all, and at times Triumph was as out there as anyone, however, there’s no denying the impact they had on a generation of kids.

The showpiece on Rock’N’Roll Machine is without a doubt “Blinding Light Show/Moonchild” it has it all: it’s loud, long, pretentious, and has one of Rik’s classical solos. In short it’s an opus. The title track features an extended Rik solo that draws some comparisons to “Eruption” but predates it by a year – although it’s not as groundbreaking, it is a great display of fretplay.

They were Canada’s other power trio, and although they don’t get the respect many of their counterparts receive, they were indeed a Rock’N’Roll machine.

Long live rock.

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