the songs: Prologue: Into The Forever / Never Say Never / Headed For Nowhere / All The King’s Horses / Carry On The Flame / Let The Light (Shine On Me) / Long Time Gone / Rock You Down / Prelude: The Waking Dream / On and On / All Over Again / Running In The Night

Golly if this isn’t a good album. Widely blasted as the limp into the sunset by Canada’s other premiere rock trio. Rik, Mike, and Gil put out a collection of polished rock tunes that still sound good. I always wanted to like Triumph more than I did. Rik Emmett is a great guitar player and has that tweeter voice that cuts through almost anything. Perhaps if they’d waited more than a few months more rather releasing this hot on the heels of The Sport of Kings this album would be viewed as more than an after thought. There are some great songs such as “Let The Light (Shine On Me)”, “On and On”, and my favourite “Headed For Nowhere”, which features some great interplay between Rik and Steve Morse. After thirteen years this baby still cooks (and cleans and does dishes).

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