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  • Mark1971

    Yes, the guitar solo is great, which is why I don’t understand why it was changed so drastically when played live. Has anybody ever given a reason for this?

  • Brian Fallon

    very sad…I guess we all know music is personel opinion , but in my time surfing the internet there are so many people throughout the world who love triumph and want to see them one more time that I find it very hard to believe a new triumph tour wouldn’t be profitable for the boys… watching mike in this video on how lay it on the line came together , and seeing the passion he has for the music and the respect he has for rik almost makes me want to cry… im sure it is not the case but even if you guys cant come up with any new material (who cares )… you are to me and many others the greatest band that ever existed , and you guys are all still alive and supposedly getting along like you never split up !!!!!! if you have to tour on past hits your fans wont care… we just want to hear the 3 of you one more time…no disrespect , but I think gil is the one not willing to go out on tour and I think he still is holding in a lot of pain from the original triumph break up , but man you have to heal from that… you guys are friends now and your fans still love you !!! yes you are all fantastic musicians and have written and recorded countless hits that have changed lives…don’t you guys want to do one last thing for the people who love you the most and show us how thankful you are that you have the lifestyles you have because we love you !!! I am not a wealthy man but I would be willing to pay $200 for a ticket to see you guys p-lay one more time…when you guys reunited to do Sweden and rocklahoma but then said the Canadian dollar was too week to do a full scale tour to me dosent make sense… im sure there are ways to cut some costs… we really just want to see you and hear you live one more time !!! you don’t need the massive stage show to impress us…Gil , Rik , Mike . don’t you love your fans enough to do one last tour ??? have we ever let you down ??? and one last thing… I have played guitar for 20 years , yes everybody has a favorite as far as best this or best that… anybody with a brain in their head should be able to realize that as far as pure ability and the full range and variety of styles of music Rik Emmett has written it is a no brainer that he is a way more capable and versatile guitar player than eddie van halen… sorry , but eddie is the devil figure and Rik is the God… yes that’s right hockey fans Canada wins again… all anybody has to do to prove it to themselves is listen to like 12 van halen cds and then listen to 9 triumph cds and 10 Rik Emmett solo cds… yes eddie would be about even with Rik playing straight up hard rock , but there is no way on earth that he could come close to Rik playing blues , jazz , classical , honkey tonk , contemporary , fusion… Rik has played it all and no one plays it better…its funny , you could transport Rik through time backwards 1000 years and drop him in front of a medieval King in a castle and throw him his guitar or even a lute for crying out loud , and I guarantee that king would be keeping Rik as his castles personal musician and entertainment… anyway enough of my long winded kudos to you guys… I will always love you guys , but seriously tour for your fans 1 more time before its too late…