cwof gala
At Canada’s Walk of Fame gala dinner, Triumph’s Mike Levine and Gil Moore reunite with Michael Cohl, world-renowned concert promoter and Broadway impresario.

cwof gala2
Canada’s Walk of Fame inductee, super-producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper), pals around with Mike Levine

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  • rmsatx

    You are all still looking good..Thank for all the years of great music and unforgettable concert…you have set the standards for Rock N Roll and has given so many great memories….

  • Duane Boda

    Would be nice IF they were serious about going on Tour but it’ll never happen. Their 110% happy living in the past. And if their 2008 concert was any indication then they might as well stay retired – no Thanks.

  • Adrianx Montana

    Excellent Band I saw them Live in Texas 1988 check out the video enjoy, 1988 last year together