On Saturday, September 8th, Mike Levine chatted with Rich Davenport of Total Rock Radio show in the UK. In the first hour of the two hour show, Mike Levine talks about the band’s reunion and subsequent comeback gig at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2008, and the CD-DVD that came from it. In between conversation Mike chooses 3 songs from the band’s new “Live At Sweden Rock Festival” for the audiences listening pleasure.

“When we found out we were gonna play that gig, I mean, I was in Jamaica, and I borrowed a bass off of a guy that played in a band, put on a Triumph album and started to play along and went “Wow, Am I ever out of shape,” I couldn’t remember what key the songs were in or anything but after a couple weeks and some blisters on the fingers, I got it together and I came home, and we rehearsed every day, for almost a month. We played and played and played… and it worked out really good, I’m really happy with the end result.”

Listen to the full interview. Hear the Triumph feature starting 24:15 into the audio.

Rich Davenport’s Rock Show – Mike Levine (Triumph) & Tony Dolan (Mpire of Evil) Interviews by Rich Davenport on Mixcloud

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