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There was a time when the possibility of a Triumph reunion seemed like just a fantasy but when Rik, Mike and Gil took the stage at Sweden Rock this weekend, that fantasy became a reality.

For those of us who couldn’t make it, click here to see Triumph perform Never Surrender.

Every band has to start somewhere and for Triumph, that somewhere was Ontario’s Simcoe High School where, on Sept. 19, 1975, the trio played their first gig. For their hard work they received $750 and likely some new fans. To celebrate this important date in the band’s history, check out the latest additions to the Photo Gallery and listen to your favourite Triumph songs.

Our friends over at the Metal Dreams website have been busy reviewing the Millennium Remastered Series. Find out how many electric guitars they think the remastered versions of Allied Forces or Thunder Seven deserve.

Then swing by the Photo Gallery and see the new pictures we’ve added of Rik and his many, many guitars.

The Gallery will be composed of photos taken straight out of the band’s private collection, including pics that have never before been released to the public. Currently, the Gallery is hosting photos taken as publicity shots for Allied Forces . Over the next few months, we plan on adding a steady stream of photos to the Gallery so be sure to visit it frequently.

Also, we are hoping to start up a Fan Photo Gallery so please send us any photos that you have taken of Triumph.