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When Toronto’s Triumph were inducted into Canada’s Music Hall Of Fame in 2008, it was assumed they were back together and they would return to the stage…and they did….in Sweden!

Yes Triumph’s much anticipated comeback lasted just two shows; one in Sweden and one at a Oklahoma Music Festival..

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Triumph bassist Mike Levine remembers getting the phone call. His band had just been inducted into Canada’s music hall of fame in April 2008, they were gearing up to play some summer dates when the call came through from their L.A agent that a promoter in Solvesborg, Sweden wanted them for his Sweden Rock Festival.

“Did we want to go…no,” muttered Levine. “But then we thought, it’s Sweden, what the heck, no one’s going to notice us out there. We couldn’t have been more wrong.”

To read the rest of the article head on over to themusicexpress!

Triumph bassist Mike Levine will guest on this week’s edition of Caffeine Bomb. Make sure you tune in at 7:00 p.m. EST on Monday, October 1st, to 91.7 FM WHUS in Eastern Connecticut, also streaming at and on your smartphone using the myUConn app.

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On Saturday, September 8th, Mike Levine chatted with Rich Davenport of Total Rock Radio show in the UK. In the first hour of the two hour show, Mike Levine talks about the band’s reunion and subsequent comeback gig at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2008, and the CD-DVD that came from it. In between conversation Mike chooses 3 songs from the band’s new “Live At Sweden Rock Festival” for the audiences listening pleasure.

“When we found out we were gonna play that gig, I mean, I was in Jamaica, and I borrowed a bass off of a guy that played in a band, put on a Triumph album and started to play along and went “Wow, Am I ever out of shape,” I couldn’t remember what key the songs were in or anything but after a couple weeks and some blisters on the fingers, I got it together and I came home, and we rehearsed every day, for almost a month. We played and played and played… and it worked out really good, I’m really happy with the end result.”

Listen to the full interview. Hear the Triumph feature starting 24:15 into the audio.

Rich Davenport’s Rock Show – Mike Levine (Triumph) & Tony Dolan (Mpire of Evil) Interviews by Rich Davenport on Mixcloud

North American syndicated Rock radio show InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands heads north to Canada this week for the “Best of” Triumph as part of its Medium Rare series on InTheStudio.NET. Triumph members Rik Emmett, Mike Levine and Gil Moore sit down with InTheStudio host Redbeard for an honest, heart warming and hysterically funny interview about how this three-piece Toronto outfit made it in North America, first as an upstart live act and then as platinum selling recording artists. Drummer, songwriter, and vocalist Gil Moore tells host Redbeard how after years of playing in bands with multitudes of members, Triumph was designed as a three piece.

“The idea was really practical that we only wanted three musicians. We thought,’ there’s
never going to be a tie vote’. (Laughs) That sounds crazy but that was part of it. The whole idea about what we wanted to do musically, we were looking at bands like ZZ Top, Cream, Zeppelin…generally dealing with no rhythm guitar and no keyboards. That was part of the philosophy of what we wanted to do musically. We knew the limitations. I use to always say,’ In a three piece band there is no place to hide’.”

The full Triumph ‘Best of’/ InTheStudio program is available to stream online at as part of InTheStudio’s Medium Rare series. This program is in
three parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3