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Our friends over at the Metal Dreams website have been busy reviewing the Millennium Remastered Series. Find out how many electric guitars they think the remastered versions of Allied Forces or Thunder Seven deserve.

Then swing by the Photo Gallery and see the new pictures we’ve added of Rik and his many, many guitars.

Read up on what Mike Levine has to say about Triumph’s plan to remaster the bulk of their library. This page also contains a complete listing of what albums have already been released in the Millennium Remastered Series.

Get ready to turn up the volume on your stereo system because the remastered version of Triumph’s debut album is now available! Containing all the original tracks, just cleaned up and intensified for your audio enjoyment, this album is a must-have for any true Triumph fan. The album’s release is part of the band’s Millennium Remastered Series, a project being personally supervised by Mike Levine that will see much of Triumph’s catalogue being remastered at the band’s legendary Metalworks Studio.