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Thunder Seven Review:

There’re 3 Triumph studio albums that I’ve worn out in every media that it’s ever been released and that is Allied Forces , Never Surrender and Thunder Seven . Thunder Seven has to be my favourite, probably because that’s when I got into the band for the first time. Seeing Triumph at good ol’ Maple Leaf Gardens back in 1984 was memorable, to say the least. And 80 concerts later, Triumph (the Thunder Seven tour in particular) is still one of my all time favourites. If the powers to be are listening, PLEASE release a show from this tour, HOPEFULLY from Toronto.

OK, here we go…Thunder Seven in review…

1. Spellbound – Man, oh man! In the immortal words of Ric Ocasek, that was ”just what I needed”! Nothin’ like good ol’ rock n” roll riffery, a pounding drum that even Excedrin couldn’t remove, and a backup thundering bass line to complete the storm. And let’s not forget the non-apologetic, non-politically correct beautifully written lyrics about every straight man’s desire – a woman. Freakin’ love that song!

2. Rock Out, Roll On – True to Triumph’s motivational and inspirational lyrics, these are very close to the ”Follow Your Heart” theme, and I’ve always wondered why Triumph never marketed ”Rockout Roll-On For Men. ehh…couldawouldashoulda… Another gem of a song…

”..ghosts of Woodstock still haunt the next of kin…”


3. Cool Down – Can you say Zeppelin, boys and girls? And I thought KISS’ ”Keep Me Comin” sounded Zeppelin! Great track, perhaps a tribute to the fallen hero Bonzo…

4. Follow Your Heart – Ah yes, here we are. The masterpiece. This song has pulled me through and also made me cry, ain’t ashamed to admit. Beautiful lyrics, powerful rock, and great vocals. The perfect song, and quite frankly, one of the best written, ever in history.

5. Time Goes By – A reminder of the ever ticking clock…yet still a great song!

6. Midsummer’s Daydream – Let’s see Kirk Hammett do that! I’ve always said that Rik could kick Kirk’s metallibutt in any department. This is proof. The best acoustic instrumental since EVH’s ”Spanish Fly’.’

7. Time Canon – This was WAY too cool to see live in ’84 with lasers. On album, it’s kinda nice but live it became multi-dimensional.

8. Killing Time – This one’s a sad reminder of the ticking clock, and although it’s a very well-manufactured song in every dept and in general, you can’t help but look in the mirror and ask ”where am I killing time in my life.” OK, maybe it was just me, but it was very effective.

“…the time we waste on hate, full of anger and jealousy, the times you were so cruel and the times you turned on me…”

With lyrics like that, it’s no wonder Triumph was one of the all time best lyricists.

9. Stranger in A Strange Land – ”When Will The Light Shine Through?”…”nuff said. Great Rik track.

10. Little Boy Blues – This coulda been called ”Suitcase Blues Pt 2.” It had the classic jazzy vibe goin’, and you can’t help your mind wandering off to a hotel lobby around 4am, in some American city. Girls and boys of the new generation, now THIS is what you call EMO. ‘Cause if this don’t get you all emotional, you’ve been musically deprived.

Triumph’s Thunder Seven……….ahhh, the memories…gawd bless.

Date Reviewed: 01/27/06
Reviewer: Mr. Thunder Seven
Location: Toronto

Thunder Seven Review:

This was it. This was the album that started it all for me. When I hear the songs they take me back to some good times. Too bad I missed the concert in Guelph that year and I regret it all the time. As I type this I am listening to “Time Goes By.” How fitting. I have my fingers crossed that a reunion tour is a possibility.

Date Reviewed: 10/07/05
Reviewer: Robbie Kitchen
Location: Guelph

Allied Forces Review:

A milestone for rock fans, yet a kind of hidden jewel over here in Germany. High vocals to make you shiver, beautiful sparkling acoustic guitars, slicing sharp electric guitars, stomach-felt bass lines and great, skilful, high-energy drumming – maybe the best combination of skill, melodic beauty, power and sound I managed to hear up to now – and this is stated by a true Rush fan. Anyway, this is all so far away from now, being one of the first rock albums I ever listened to back in wonderful 1981, at the age of 16. Still the music rocks today without any loss of energy or freshness.

Date Reviewed: 10/07/05
Reviewer: Tom
Location: Herrsching, Germany

Allied Forces Review:

This Triumph album opened the door for Triumph. When MTV came out in 9/23/81, they were played like every hour or so. With such hits as Magic Power, Fight the Good Fight and Allied Forces, this album is what made Triumph go from gold to platinum status. That was their best album to date. I met Rik back in 2002 and I feel that it might a good thing that the fans get together and help them get back to the rock & roll machine.

Date Reviewed: 09/29/05
Reviewer: E.J. Jahnes
Location: Ocala, FL

Rock and Roll Machine Review:

I first heard this album in my Spanish class in high school. My Spanish teacher had a record player in his room, with a bunch of classic rock albums. I fell in love with Triumph at that point. I would listen to it everyday, before class started. He even made me a cassette copy. I had looked at every record store in the area where I lived at the time, but to no avail. Now that I have moved, I finally found the album, and my CD player may never have that CD out of it again. This album is up there with greats like Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction and AC/DC’s Back In Black.

Date Reviewed: 09/22/05
Reviewer: Will Burnham
Location: Tempe, AZ